Express Tickets is a market-leading consolidator

Providing all your fares and ticketing requirements 24/7 at competitive rates. 

The state-of-the-art platform offers a friendly point and click interface which enables you to confidently shop and book ticketing, complete reissues, refunds & revalidation functions online.

This service-focused division provides a comprehensive range of core and optional services, all designed to put the power in the hands of travel agents and empower their growth in a highly competitive market. Express Tickets delivers a complete solution for all agents to drive their ticketing requirements 24/7, including the support of our dedicated ticket centre.

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Key Benefits


Shop, Book and Ticket

Now you can shop for availability and pricing within a single platform. No more swapping from your GDS into a ticketing environment.

A great way for staff of all skill levels to get up and running, servicing clients quickly and all within a familiar, easy to use interface.


Point and Click Ancillary Access

“Would you like extra bags?” “Can I get your favourite seat for you?” If the flights you have selected have bookable ancillary content, now you can simply add to your booking within our platform! Ancillary and Extras will expand to feature other add-on content such as Hotels and Rail Tickets with supplier partners soon!


View NDC airfares in the one screen

Don’t get left behind, shop and book NDC airfares within the same platform!

We have interfaced directly with leading airline partners and content providers to ensure you have access to bookable NDC content instantly.

As the capabilities of NDC expand, our platform is committed to delivering these services directly to you.