Welcome to the Express Travel Group

The Express Travel Group (ETG), is a proudly Australian owned and operated travel company headquartered in Melbourne, and with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. 

Since 1983, the Company has developed into one of the most respected travel groups in the country, representing the largest group of independent travel agencies in Australia. These agencies are members of the Company's agency groups, the Select Travel Group, the Independent Travel Group and italktravel retail franchise network.

We are proud IATA agents, AFTA members and ATAS accredited.

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Are you looking for a dynamic, customised partnership model that allows you to create your own membership based your business needs?

We provide the tools & support to help grow your business

To empower your growth and productivity, we offer:

  • Air Consolidation Service (Integrated Ticketing services)
  • A tailored marketing system
  • 64 preferred land & cruise partnerships
  • Website creation
  • Website integrations for Cruise & Hotels
  • Annual Conference -  providing networking and business acumen learnings
  • eLearning system
  • Quarterly, state based networking and training events
  • Reward and incentive programs
  • Famil opportunities
  • Exclusive access to tailored industry focussed insurance
  • Tailored optional solutions to assist in improving your business i.e. payment gateways, documentation solutions

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